Frosty's Legend

Frosty’s Legend

It was a cold day in Erie, Pennsylvania, and a young frog sat sullen on the icy waters of Lake Erie. Frosty, as he was known to his tadpole toddler buddies, longed for a warmer world. With a heavy heart, he wished his frogs, friends and family a chilly farewell and set out for sunnier days.

Frosty’s first hop landed him in Charlotte, North Carolina where he warmed his little webbed world with a smile, lasting friendships and a brown dog. Frosty became well-known in the Queen City as the Blender of the Best Frozen Drinks ever! He found passion in life! Creating cocktails and dreaming up concoctions to satisfy his friends and patrons was just the thing to keep Frosty busy! Still, Frosty wasn’t really happy. He wanted the water! So with bated breath and a few icile tears, brushed off his warted fears and skated South once again to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

With the help of friends and a little bit of luck from “The Frog Gods”, Frosty was able to bring to Hilton Head a taste of Frosty’s world. Now Frosty is becoming a celebrity in his own right and has a new dream of bringing his frozen concoctions to the rest of the world.

Frosty has hopped on to the next chapter, his legacy and dream of sharing his frozen concoctions will continue. Cheers!

Patrick Taylor 

12-18-61 – 08-21-23